Customer confidence is a critical driver to successful e-commerce. Whether purchasing a product or subscribing to a service, your customers need to know that you are there to support them before, during, and after the sale, that your company is reliable, and that any transaction is secure.

VeriSupport's Support Ranking (SR) Program does that. Unlike other certificate programs that guarantee only a portion of the experience with your company, your dynamic SR Score is a statement about your company's ability to support its customer's. A combination of factors, the SR score clearly communicates your commitment to providing the best possible support to your customers, that you are reliable, and that your customer's experience with you is safe.

This innovative SR score is a proprietary and patent-pending system that combines automated, software-driven analysis on a multitude of data points with manual assessment of support-related activities (such as phone support, live chat support, E mail ticket management and real-time customer feedback).

What do you gain when you sign-up for the VeriSupport program?

Confidence that your customers understand your commitment to providing real time support to them before, during, and after the sale.

Detailed reporting of each factor in your un-biased SR certificate so that you can quickly identify critical areas impacting customer confidence.

Hosted feedback and support mechanisms for your customers.

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Learn More about VeriSupport and how it can increase the level of trust between you and your online customers to facilitate more sales and improved customer loyalty:

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